Our Policy

Terms & Conditions

  • All currencies are assessed based on commonly used international standards.
  • The client becomes fully responsible for the assessed currency once it is given back to him/her.
  • In case of a technical fault from our side, we pledge to reassess the currency with no additional cost.
  • In the assessment and identification processes, we scrutinise quality and physical conditions of currencies regardless of their market value.
  • We take no responsibility for purchases and sales of assessed currencies.
  • We take no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the shipping carrier.
  • The original receipt issued by us, is a requirement for the assessed currency to be surrendered to the client.
  • In case of sending more than one currency using a carrier, it is required for the client to include a list that shows all the currencies sent. Within 24 hours upon receiving the delivery, we will send a confirmation to the client through the WhatsApp.
  • The assessment of a currency is considered valueless once the sealed envelope is opened.
  • The assessment of a currency is considered worthless unless it has our official stamp on it.
  • For further information on grading and terms of currency assessment, please visit our website.