DIM : Dinar Islamic Museum

The DIM is the abbreviation for the Museum of Islamic Dinar in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The museum serves paper currencies collectors from all over the world.
This private institution provides the assessment and definition of paper currencies through using high-precision electronic devices supervised by certified specialists in paper currencies examination and definition.
Our two main goals are:
1 / To serve amateurs and those interested in paper money currencies at reasonable evaluation costs.
2 / To provide fast evaluation services (within 24 hours per paper, and within 72 hours for larger collections).
1 / Accuracy of information.
2 / The inclusion of Arabic language in the assessment.
3 / The evaluation follows high standards – identical to what is followed in major international companies.
4 / The inclusion of security marking for assessment.
Stages of assessment:
1 / We start by the qualitative examination using an electronic device equipped to detect counterfeit currencies.
2 / The currency then scrutinised using the electric microscope, where the paper is placed in the device and magnified by 1000 points per centimetre.
3 / A computer-based technical device focused only on measuring the corners of the paper.
4 / The paper is then evaluated by the Experts Committee to decide on the final appropriate assessment.
5 / The result of the evaluation is provided in writing using high quality papers attached to the evaluated currency.
6 / The currency enters the final revision stage to match serial and reference numbers of the paper.
7 / At the end, the currency paper is placed in a special envelope and then discharged from air.